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Introducing TABBY

TABBY is the first OSVehicle: an industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis.


Compatible with all types of engines, especially the IHE (Integrated Hybrid Engine), TABBY can be green and have zero emissions.

Quick assembly, easy maintenance

TABBY can be assembled in less than 1 hour. Maintenance is also super easy thanks to the quick assembly and disassembly.

Get Started!

Makers, designers, manufacturers, head over to the Downloads section to get started right away!

OSVehicle TEDx Talk

The importance of Open Source Innovation

February 2014 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Features and benefits in detail

Make, Design, Create

tabby_webTABBY is the starting point for the creation of a new line of  vehicles that can serve very different purposes. We provide a high quality and low cost alternative to one of the first, most expensive, step in vehicle development.

  • Makers

    Let creativity drive you towards the creation of new vehicles, starting from a solid and versatile base.

  • Designers

    The chassis is just the starting point, let your dreams come true, draw, render, and get visibility by sharing your design online

  • Manufacturers

    Whether you’re producing parts or assembling whole vehicles, get in touch to find out about partnerships to produce vehicles designed specifically for certain uses or perfectly fitting your country’s needs.

Integrated Hybrid Engine
Coming Winter ’14

  • Electric and Hybrid

    Low or zero emissions depending on the chosen version, available both in fully electric and hybrid versions.

  • Double the Power

    The hybrid version has multiple functions including a feature that allows both the electric and internal combustion parts to run together and obtain double the power output.

  • Italian Engineering

    Designed and developed by the best engineers with 40+ year experience in the field and numerous world championships won with their engines.


  • Auto-recharge

    The internal combustion engine coupled with the electric motor can act as electrical generator to charge the batteries or output electrical power to external appliances even while the vehicle is not moving.

Any Layout imaginable

The versatility of TABBY and ability to choose the desired chassis length and wheelbase opens up infinite possibilities:

  • 2 Seats.
  • 4 Seats
  • Urban vehicle
  • Off-road
  • Convertible, hard top
  • …and many more!

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What they say about us

Brad Templeton

Building cars on open platforms is an idea whose time has come

Brad TempletonSingularity University
Jan Wildeboer

“I just love this. A car based on open. Open Source, Open Standards, Open Platform”

Jan WildeboerRedHat Evangelist
Gianluca Dettori

“From making to hacking cars”

Gianluca DettoriDpixel
Riccardo Luna

“Today I saw the future of the automotive business in an Open Source world.”

Riccardo LunaFounder of Wired Italy