Have your say on the TABBY 1:5 Scale Model (Survey)

To get you started on your project, we are creating scale models of TABBY. Or, at least, models that can help you understand and work – on a smaller scale – on projects you could replicate on the normal scale TABBY later on.

In the automotive sector, scale 1:5 models are always developed before the actual 1:1 scale vehicle is built. This is to have a realistic rendering of the vehicle without the costs and logistics associated with a large model.

But also since TABBY is an Open Source Vehicle and will probably spur some relevant innovation and new ideas, we thought it was important to have your feedback on this.

How would your ideal scale model look like? We have a few questions on few important aspects, such as your preferred materials and the electronics to be integrated.

You can answer the questions on the dedicated page: here.

The models will be a starter kit to develop both software and hardware apps on an easy to build and affordable version, run feasibility studies, and much, much more. It will include simple interfaces for 3D printable parts such as top frames, doors, trunks, and seats. And, obviously, it will be open source as you’ll get access to the – simplified – 3D models used to build it.

Thanks in advance for answering the questions and we hope to make it as easy and as fast as possible for you to start developing new vehicles! In open source!


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  • Julia Herz-el Hanbli

    Dear OSVehicle-Team,
    my name is Julia Herz-el Hanbli, journalist from germany. I wrote a little article about “10 projects to save the earth”, which i found on As example I mentioned your OS-vehicles. Now I wanted to know, whether you have some pictures/fotos that we could use for our magazine? The magazine I’m writing for is a german economy-magazine “Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften” (
    I would be very happy to hear from you as soon as possible!
    Thank You
    Julia Herz-el Hanbli

  • Jean Marc Dube

    do you have an idea on the scale 1:5 model when they could be produced and what will be final pricing
    on those ?

    Hope this project will become a big reality very soon

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