TABBY EVO: modular open source electric car platform

We enable businesses and startups to design, prototype, and build electric vehicles and transportation services Buy TABBY EVODiscover more

How it works

1. Get a developer platform kit

You can pre-order your developer platform kit today, just click here

2. Build your own exterior body or use our services

We already did the hardest part of the vehicle. You don’t have to spend millions and years in R&D and you can focus on the exterior body of the vehicle. If you need help, we can support you! Just check our services

3. Get a working prototype

Once you finished your concept design, you can work on a running prototype to convince your customers and investors

4. Achieve Road legal certification

Once the running prototype is ready you should work on the road legal certification and, again, if you need help we can support you! Just check our services

One platform, many vehicles

We don’t manufacture complete vehicles, we want you to do it.
These are some of the featured projects, that our clients are developing,
based on our TABBY platform.

Vetrya e-VIAL

A running prototype of electric car: it has been designed, developed and produced in Italy. It is connected to the Internet with a series of services and features that concretely introduce communication interfaces with the outside world and allow us to use traffic and intelligent transport services.
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ASLAN EV pickup

The first EV pickup vehicle built on TABBY EVO. It was unveiled for the first time at COP22 (Climate Change Summit by United Nations)
The first EV ever developed in Morocco.

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Project Belo

a series of vehicles that meet specific utilities, such as wheelchair, passenger, van, pickup, and taxi vehicles.
Designed and engineered in Greece.

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We don’t manufacture complete vehicles, we want you to do it.
These are some of the featured projects, that our clients are developing, based on our TABBY platform. Feel free to submit your project today

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3 positive Impacts


We invested in OSVehicle because it makes building a car easier than it’s ever been. Future car companies and transportation services will be powered by platforms like this the same way open source software enabled the incredible proliferation of web applications.

Sam Altman

President, Y Combinator

“The open framework that truly welcomes makers and professionals, to vehicle.”

Eric Pan

Founder & CEO, Seeed Studio

“Building cars on open platforms is an idea whose time has come”

Brad Templeton

Spokesman, Singularity University & Google Self Driving Car

“Magnificent project to follow”

Tristan Nitot

Founder and former president, Mozilla Europe

OSVehicle allow new players in the EV industry by helping them by saving millions & years in R&D. Just like in software, where new companies use AWS rather than setup their own servers, OSVehicle provides a platform to quickly build a custom EV quickly.

Qasar Younis

COO, Y Combinator

“The future is open, platform driven, collaborative and mobile. OSVehicle is unleashing creativity + tools to drive rapid innovation for mobility at a global scale. Seriously impressive.”

Lisa Gansky

entrepreneur. author. speaker. instigator - founder, Instigasting+co & Mesh Ventures

“I just love this. A car based on open. Open Source, Open Standards, Open Platform”

Jan Wildeboer

Evangelist, RedHat

“You can build whatever you can imagine”

Sherry Lassiter

Director, Fab Foundation MIT

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