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    This topic will be used to update Tabby current and future owners of the developments in the Integrated Hybrid Engine scheduled to be released in Winter 2014

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    Any update on integrated hybrid engines development?

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    I want to swap out the electric motor for the IHE Hybrid motor so I don’t pay for two motors so that means I need to wait to pay for the complete Tabby kit, but I want to pre-order now, (VERY IMPORTANT ) but please do not charge the credit card at this time, please email me to let me know ahead of time to make sure funds are available due to the account is in my wife’s name so she can check the status of the account for a smooth go ahead process. so the complete package Tabby Auto kit will be ready for me to ship to Veracruz, Mexico when all parts are completed and ready to ship to me. But it is also very important to know the price of the IHE Hybrid engine and need any components to fit and comply to the electrical drive train assembly.
    thank you for your time,
    MGL & CCH
    Mark G. Lobdell & Cristina C. Hernandez
    Me: Engineer, Designer, Builder, and inventor.
    Wife: Doctor Specialist Physical Therapist.

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